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September 15, 2020
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Collaboration and Content Creation Tips
October 19, 2020


With your content strategy clear, the next thing you need to do as a remote content marketer is to assign and delegate.

Content calendar

  • Your content calendar can’t be on a whiteboard or sticky notes anymore. Now it needs to be digital, where everyone on your content team can see it.
  • Digitize your content calendar is a tool that lets you plan, assigns, and publish
  • Add your team and choose their access levels
  • Add any freelancers or writers you work with
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Schedules and availability: When working remotely, make sure your team knows when everyone will be available. Keeping to the same work schedule is smart. But if your team needs to work nights and weekends (especially parents who have to take care of kids who are normally at school), then make sure that team members update their projected schedule in a place where everyone can see it.

Content briefs

Before, a content brief could be shared verbally during a meeting or a quick in-person chat. Not any more. Now, you need to make very clear briefs for your content creators. StoryChief has a built-in brief for blog posts that covers the topic, keyphrase, notes, and more.

Whatever format you choose, make sure to create something and stick to it consistently, so that content creators always have what they need to move forward.

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